Shine Brightly Summit


                    Fuel Your Dreams. Become Leaders. Change The World.

The curriculum in our programs is made up of three components that are the core foundations for success. At the Shine Brightly Summit we explore all three of these elements:







Leadership Skills so we are well-equipped to make good choices and lead our bright future. We have 12 Leadership Principles to help girls thrive.
Strong Self-Esteem we learn how to believe in ourselves and we lift others too.
Greatness Mindset so we stay positive, focused & strong to be able to overcome any barrier to our dreams. 



Fuel Your Dreams. Become Leaders. Change The World.

JOIN US Saturday, Sept 21st at 930am
Girls ages 12-18 with big dreams please join us! ❤️ Registration will open Aug 13th.

This program only happens once a quarter so don’t miss it if you want:
– your girl to be resilient to pressures around her
– your girl to learn leadership skills
– your girl to be more confident & know her worth
– your girl to learn skills to help further her dreams
– your girl to be brave and creative
– your girl to build positive relationships

Shine Brightly Summit for Girls and their Moms (adult/guardian/mentor)
❤️Time & Date:  Sept 21st 930am-1pm (Next Summits: Sept 21 and Nov 16)
❤️Location: CO+HOOTS – 221 E. Indianola Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012
❤️PRICE: $20 per person, or bring 4 people and save money ($18 per person). Walk-ins pay $25 at the door.
❤️Registration will open Aug 13th.

–9-9:30 am – Doors Open, registration and mingling, pink carpet/pictures
–9:30 am-12:00 pm  – The Program/Speaker/Activities/Discussions around building dreams & leadership
–12-1230 – Lunch, Break, Shopping, Selfie Station
–1230-1 – Raffle prizes, Challenge of the Month, Close

  • All welcome!  (moms, aunts, mentors, dads, grandmothers and leaders with girls ages 12-18)
  • Produced by: The Girls Rule Foundation in partnership with CO+HOOTS Foundation
  • A few fabulous Raffle prizes are given at the end – 1 raffle ticket for showing up, 1 raffle tickets for wearing your Girls Change The World T-shirt, 1 raffle ticket for checking in on Facebook or posting on Insta.
  • Walk-in’s welcome pay $25 at door


  • Dena Patton – Cofounder, Speaker, Coach, Author
  • Laurie Sliva – Speaker, Coach, Founder of Bridges
  • Tracy Union – You Tuber, Emcee
  • 3 winners of the poetry contest


Past pictures here and here!


The Shine Brightly Summit is a quarterly event that is held at CO+HOOTS in Phoenix!

WHY: Through this program, the attendees learn the empowerment and leadership skills they need to thrive as young women and become our next generation of leaders and world changers. The Shine Brightly Summit is a great event for girls and their moms (or adult/aunt/mentor/dad) not only to connect but to learn skill sets and get inspired together as we build a like-minded community of fabulous women and girls.  Our kids need connection, empowerment and leadership more than ever, will you join us?

WHAT: Attendees enjoy inspirational speakers, activities, discussions, the dream wall and a panel discussion of young ladies all centered around building confidence, setting goals, and achieving their dreams. Attendees will leave with tools, ideas, access to their greatness mindset, more confidence and ways to achieve their dreams that they didn’t have before! Each event is in coordination with our 12 leadership principles.

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  • CONTACT? Please email call 480-282-4242 or 602-327-2619
  • EVENT DRESS CODE: Casual attire is appropriate. Please NO cut off shorts or half shirts. Bring a light sweater the room can get cold. Wear your Girls Rule Tshirt if you have one.
  • ONSITE SUPERVISION: All girls need to be accompanied by an adult during the Summit. Girls and groups of girls under the age of 18 who are registered for the Shine Brightly Summit are the responsibility of their leader/guardian/parent – the Girls Rule Foundation is not responsible for their safety.
  • YOU MAY BE VIDEOTAPED OR RECORDED: The event is photographed and videotaped. By registering you are allowing a photo release to Girls Rule to allow us to use the pictures.
  • PARKING: SEE below.  See parking map below. If the parking lot is full at our building, please see the map below for legal street parking areas. Leave 5 minutes extra for parking/walking.
  • ADDRESS: 221 E. Indianola Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012. CO+HOOTS is located in an elevated building (2nd floor) above their parking lot and there are stairs and an elevator for your use.
  • REGISTRATION CLOSES The day before the event at 3:30 pm.  Attendees can receive refunds up to 7 days before event start date


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