Shine Brightly Summit

Fuel Your Dreams. Become Leaders. Change The World.

This half-day Summit is themed around building three things:

Leadership, Confidence, & Dreams


5 Reasons to attend Shine Brightly Summit with the girl in your life:

1. To connect, grow and have fun together!
2. To learn skill sets to further and fuel her dreams!
3. To learn leadership and resiliency skills!
4. To build her confidence so she can handle hard things!
5. To have intentional time to grow your dreams and chang the world together!


Girls ages 12-18 who want to dream big please join us!

Meet our Speakers:




I am kicking my smallness voice to the curb.  I know I can remove lables and anything is possible for me and my dreams.   – Bella, age 11

** We will be posting our 2020 dates soon**



Shine Brightly Summit Info:
❤️ TIME & DATE:    Sat., TBA 9:30am-1pm. Registration from 9-9:30 and lunch is around 11:45am.
**2020 dates coming soon***
❤️ LOCATION:   CO+HOOTS – 221 E. Indianola Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012
❤️ PRICE:   $20 per person or $18 per person when you bring 4 or more people.
REGISTRATION CLOSES TWO DAYS BEFORE the event at 3:30 pm. After that please pay $30 at the door.

❤️Past pictures here and here!     ❤️WANT TO VOLUNTEER WITH US?  DETAILS HERE.


Join our #GirlsChangeTheWorld movement!

Using social media, YouTube, T-shirts, speaking stages and the media we are

encouraging more girls to get the skills they need to know their worth and achieve their dreams.
“Empowered girls become empowered women who change the world”.
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