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dreamLABs After-School Club

dreamLAB is our leadership curriculum that can be used with your group of girls. You can start a dreamLAB club in your school, organization, community, church, neighborhood, or at home!  This program builds self-esteem, dreams, friendships and leadership, plus it’s resume building! Start a dreamLAB club and hold your meetings via zoom or live at your school, organization, community, church, neighborhood, or at home.

We offer a Middle School and High School leader kit. Details here.

The LEARNING OBJECTIVES for this program are to:
Increase leadership skills in girls so they can lead and navigate their life successfully.
Increase social and emotional awareness in girls so they can overcome hard things and build healthy coping skills.
Increase confidence in girls by identifying and progressing in their dreams and goals.
Increase high school and college graduation rates of girls to help them become our next generation of leaders.


Our mentor program, summer camp and weekend summit were closed due to Covid.



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