6 ways you can help:

  1. Become a Corporate Sponsor – Be a Sponsor of our events, camps or summits.
  2. Tie us into your next Event or Fundraiser  – Tie us into your upcoming events big or small.
  3. Give to the Laura Anderson Scholarship Fund – Help girls attend programs they otherwise can’t afford to attend.
  4. Be a Volunteer  – We are a volunteer-based organization and need great volunteers.
  5. Read Our Wish List – The little things that add up like paper, gas, and supplies.
  6. Donate – See how your dollars make a huge difference to change and save lives.GR line with star
    Do you want to have a philanthropy or giving conversation?
    QUESTIONS? Call Dena Patton at 480-282-4242
  • Who we are:

    Girls Rule Foundation is a leader in empowerment, leadership and educational workshops and programs for girls ages 12-18. Girls Rule is an Arizona based 501c3 nonprofit that helps girls build leadership, self-confidence and bright futures through our 3 educational programs. We have a passion to serve, empower and educate EVERY girl because EVERY girl matters.  Our goal is to help girls stay on track, dream big, stay in school and be our next generation of leaders and world changers. Read about our #girlschangetheworld and our 4 programs here.


  • Our mission:
    Our mission is to teach teen girls positive skill sets that will influence healthy choice making, create strong self-esteem and build bright futures.


  • Our Vision: 
    Our vision is to help create a generation of girls who dream big and know they have the skills and confidence to make their bright futures happen.


  • Our core values are how we run our organization:
    1. We are committed to having team members, vendors, and employees who know WHY our organization exists and are crusaders for the cause.
    2. We are committed to clean communication – in all we do we lead by example in our words and actions. No drama, no negativity, no gossip. Ever.
    3. We are committed to creating a fun and empowering environment in everything we do for our clients and our teams.
    4. We are committed to leading with integrity and intention – we plan our work and work our plan.
    5. We are committed to intentionally making wise and healthy choices that further the mission and efforts of the organization, not ourselves.
    6. We are committed to creating a ‘we’ community of girls and women who encourage each other’s success within the organization and outside.
    7. We are committed to working and leading from a place of love, focus, fearlessness, and empowerment.
    8. We are committed to having a fiscally responsible and financially well -running the organization and make wise decisions to accomplish that.
    9. We believe we are brilliant, beautiful and bold and willing to be the role models and advocates for that in the world for all girls and women.
    10. We believe that it takes teamwork to make the dream work and ask for help and collaboration when needed.


501(c)3 number 45-2923956