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Girls are ready to lead.
dreamLAB is the platform where they learn to lead.
It’s fun. It’s supportive. It’s inclusive. It’s educational. It’s empowering.


Do you have a group girls, but you need curriculum
that is SEL and Leadership based?


  • This leadership program that has been taught in Phoenix, AZ at Girls Rule since 2013.
  • This program is now in digital form to serve YOU – the groups of girls worldwide!
  • It’s done for you so that you can start anytime and anywhere with your group of girls.
  • This is an After-School Program for girls to be encouraged, learn how to lead and build healthy relationships.
  • Your purchase includes all the curriculum based in our 12 Leadership Principles.
  • It also includes an opportunity to create a community service project with your group.
  • This program builds self-esteem, dreams, friendships and leadership, and is resume building!
  • You can start a dreamLAB club and hold your meetings via zoom or live at your school, organization, community, church, neighborhood, or at home with your group of girls. 





Seven reasons girls love to be a part of a dreamLAB:


What Is dreamLAB?

We have been teaching our leadership and empowerment curriculum since 2013 in Arizona through our 3 live programs, and we now offer that same great content exclusively in the dreamLAB digital Leader Kit so girls worldwide can become leaders! dreamLAB is an easy plug & play program that you can start anywhere in the world with your group of girls (5-20 girls)!

There are 12 modules (12 lessons) that are based on our 12 leadership principles which are designed for girls. Each meeting/class is designed to meet for 90 minutes at the frequency you wish (daily for 12 days, weekly for 12 weeks, biweekly for 6 months). You will also have one week for a Community Service Project that you decide on as a group.

dreamLAB was created by Dena Patton, cofounder of Girls Rule Foundation, and she is a best-selling author and leadership coach for female CEO’s and leaders worldwide. She has a passion for social, emotional and leadership work to advance and equip girls in the world.

dreamLAB is a safe place to grow, explore and have fun and we encourage a few rules of dreamLAB clubs: No drama. No Boys. No Gossip. No Phones. No Negativity.

Get started! Simply pick the Middle School or High School Leader Kit below and start this week!

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How It Works:

The Leader Kit is a plug-and-play curriculum that is ready to use immediately.
It has 12 classes (90 minutes each meeting – meet live or on zoom!) so you don’t have to create anything!  It’s done for you so that you can start anytime and anywhere with your group of girls.

  • Purchase a dreamLAB Leader Kit (middle school or high school kit) – a one time curriculum fee of $269 below and get immediate access to the Welcome Kit and The Leader Kit! 
  • The curriculum is digital and you get immediate access to it when you purchase the Leader Kit. 
  • The Leader Kit is designed for your leaders (girls) to read and lead the meetings, so you never have to worry about your meeting content or what to say. The leaders simply follow the curriculum and lead their meetings. Girls are ready to lead, and this is the platform to do it!
  • Secure an adult to be the club sponsor and secure 2 girls who will be your club leaders.
  • Choose your dates, times and a place (live or zoom) for your meetings! The club is 12 modules/meetings plus one week for your Community Service Project. The module-based meetings are designed to be 90-minute meetings at the frequency you wish (daily, weekly, biweekly).
  • Invite 5-20 girls to your dreamLAB Club – a place for girls to fuel their dreams, become leaders & change the world!
  • Complete the checklist of tasks from the Welcome Kit and get started!
  • You can meet in person or via online/zoom. If you are meeting live (i.e. at a school, home, church, organization, community center etc) please ensure you need one computer with the internet at each meeting to read the curriculum as you go through the meeting. 
  • The girl or girls who leads your club receives a leadership certificate for level 2 leadership. All girls who complete dreamLAB 12 module curriculum receives a leadership certificate for level 1 leadership.
  • Through the activities, discussions and curriculum the girls learn our 12 leadership principles and the important SEL skills listed below in the pink chart.



  • The Important Legalities:
    • Your club needs only one dreamLAB Leader Kit – it has all the award-winning curriculum you need – purchase it below for only $269.  This is a license for digital access to the online Leader Kit for 6 months–plenty of time to run your 12 meetings! If you want to run another club it is only $135 per license renewal.
    • The Kit/content is one license and is not to be shared please respect our Intellectual Property. If you want multiple Kits for your district or organization locations, please contact us at 602-327-2619 or info@girlsrulefoundation.org for a bundle discount.



dreamLAB teaches our 12 Leadership Principles:



Why do we deeply believe in Social-Emotional learning?
SEL leads to better academic outcomes and improved behavior:

  • the chart below lists our 4 programs across the top, and the SEL learning skills along the left so you can see what we teach in what program
  • 27% more students improved their academic performance when they have SEL skills.
  • 24% more students improved their emotional well-being and social behavior when they have SEL skills.
  • Studies show decreased dropout rates, school and classroom behavior issues, drug use, teen pregnancy, mental health problems, and criminal behavior.
  • Impact Is Long-Term and Global/Can Help Reduce Poverty/Can help improve Economic Development/Improves Lifetime Goals/ long-term success of all students in today’s economy. Read more here.



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Buy a Leader Kit below for only $269 here…



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 We will scholarship a dreamLAB to a Title 1 school in your name!
($269 for 1 club, $538 for 2 clubs)
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