Girls Rule Foundation

Girls Rule Foundation is an Arizona based 501c3 organization that is a leader in
empowerment and leadership programs for girls ages 12-18.
We offer FOUR programs that focus on empowering girls in 3 areas:
self-esteem/SEL skills, leadership skills, and financial/career skills.



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Girls Rule Foundation’s 2020 Programs Dates:

REG now open! The Shine Brightly (mother-daughter) Summit: Feb 29, April 25, and Sept 26. Details
REG now open! Wings To Fly Summer Camp Dates:
High School Week June 20-27. Details
REG now open! Wings To Fly Summer Camp Dates: Middle School Week July 11-18. Details
DreamLAB after-school program: Open a club anytime with your girls and our curriculum. Details. 
BBB Role Model Nomination Dates:
Sept 17 2020 – Oct 22 2020. Details
BBB Role Model Award Reception Date:
Dec 5th, 2020. Details


Learn about our purpose here.
Learn how to get involved here.



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dream-LAB After-School Club
You can start a dreamLAB After-School Club anywhere in the world with your
group of girls and our curriculum. Buy the Leader Kit and start your club today.
Designed for middle school or high school girls.

Details here.


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The 7th Annual Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Role Model Awards was held on December 14th, 2019 at Arizona State University.
We celebrated our 48 nominees and awarded 6 girls as our 2019-2020
Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Role Model Winners. They will receive $1000 to further
their dreams and one year of leadership mentorship, plus many other opportunities.

Read about this program here.

Watch the video above or see pictures here. 



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Thank you:
We won The Phoenix Business Journal’s Nonprofit Contest:
1st Place: Girls Rule Foundation
2nd Place: UMom
3rd Place: Humane Society 

Thank you to Bank of Arizona for the $10,000 winning grant. We are grateful.

Watch here…


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Our Why:

As a 501c3 we are working to increase SEL and leadership education in communities, families and schools. We believe that when girls learn the social, emotional, and leadership skill sets it dramatically impacts their decisions, education achievement, relationships, success, income, dreams, and career choices. We want girls to be able to build empowered, healthy, and successful lives. However, we all know that self-esteem cannot be medicated, and we also know that when girls are equipped with social, emotional, and leadership skill sets that they better navigate their teen years to become successful adults. 


We found that the root cause of our growing negative statistics is a lack of resiliency training in the teen years. To become resilient we must teach SEL skills. Girls need this training more than ever because they are coping with pressures and situations never seen before in history! Currently, females learn these skills usually around the age of 32, instead of 12, and that is 20 Years. Too. Late. It is not ok to “hope” that girls learn these important skills “along the way”. We must be intentional in teaching these tools and skillsets to girls so they can navigate around the 7 “derailers”, and learn to create empowered, successful and healthy lives. Our SEL curriculum through our 4 programs empowers girls in three areas: self-esteem skills, leadership skills and financial/career skills. We believe that girls have a beautiful and powerful place in the world and we are here to support them through our programs, and online movement.


Our Tribe:
We are made up of men and women who stand for girls and women and want to see them thrive. We are made up of financial supporters, sponsors, and committee members who help our organization grow to impact more girls to reach their greatest potential. It takes a village. Click here to learn about the 7 ways you can get involved.



“Over the past 2 years, I have met my best friend, done things I don’t often get a chance to do, started my
own photography business and have held a school program all inspired by Girls Rule. Getting that camp scholarship
and going to camp
changed my life and others around me. All of my success in the last 2 years is because of you.

I will carry this knowledge with me for the rest of my life.”
-Maddy (right)

 Our Movement:

“Empowered girls become empowered women who change the world”.

Our #girlschangetheworld movement shares empowering stories of amazing girls and women. It is all about helping girls know their valuable place in the world as leaders and world-changers.

Learn About Our Movement Here.


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