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We are creating a global community of girl leaders!
dreamLAB is one of four empowerment and leadership programs.
You can start a dreamLAB Club anywhere in the world with your group of girls.
dreamLAB is an After-School Club for middle school and high school girls.
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The 7th Annual Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Role Model Award & Mentoring Program
is now open for nominations. Nominate a girl by November 1, 2019 for a
chance to win 1 year of mentoring and a total of $1000 to further her dream.
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Upcoming Events & Programs:

Sept – Nov 1 – BBB Role Model Call For Nominations. Nominate a girl – details  
Nov 9th – BBB Nominee Reception and Awards at ASU 6-8pm – details
Nov 16th – Shine Brightly Mother-Daughter Summit 9am-130pm – details
Dec 2nd – 2020 Summer Camp Registration Opens – details
Dec 14th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Happy Hour 6-8pm


Learn about our purpose here.
Learn about our programs here.
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Thank you:
We won The Phoenix Business Journal’s Nonprofit Contest:
Girls Rule 1st Place
UMom 2nd Place
Human Society 3rd Place 

Thank you to Bank of Arizona for the $10,000 grant. We are grateful.

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Our Why:

We help girls build leadership, strong self-confidence and bright futures.

Why does the Girls Rule Foundation focus on developing, mentoring and educating teen girls? Arizona is one of the worst states to be a girl through statistics like; 
dropouts, sex trafficking, teen pregnancy, self-harm, and suicide. We find that disempowered girls often become disempowered women, and our commitment is that empowered girls become empowered women who contribute economically, intellectually, academically, and emotionally in our communities, country, and the world. We find that empowerment (SEL) and leadership skills are being taught, on average, 20 years too late for girls. We must educate and equip girls with these crucial skills starting at age 12, not 32 if we want more girls to become empowered, successful women and leaders.

Because girls often do not get these skills until later in life it makes it harder for girls to navigate through the pressures, distractions, addictions, temptations, and media that pull on girls in their teen years. We want girls to become resilient, not a statistic. We want girls to lead and live from their greatest potential.

Suicide for girls is at the highest in 40 years along with many other staggering statistics like sex trafficking, phone addiction, drugs, dropouts and teen pregnancy (7100 teen pregnancies in AZ in 2016 alone (1 million nationwide in 2016)). We all know that self-esteem cannot be medicated, and we also know that when girls are equipped with social, emotional, and leadership skill sets that they can build strong self-esteem and powerful skill sets to better navigate their teen years to become successful adults. We believe in girls and believe they have fierce, unlimited potential and we want to help all girls to know their worth and valuable place in the world. 

Our Program’s Impact:
We design and lead educational programs so girls have the greatest chances of success in their schooling, their careers,
and their personal lives. Our Foundation for Success Curriculum heavily influences 4 of the biggest areas of our lives: The 4 C’s: choice making, communication, community/relationships, and cash/income. Our goal is to lower self-harm & suicide rates, lower teen pregnancy, and to raise the number of girls who go to college, raise self-esteem and raise the number of girls who go into leadership. Overall we want girls to thrive and become successful, fulfilled and happy adults. Through our 4 empowerment & leadership programs, we powerfully impact about 1500 girls per year but with achieving our funding goals we can scale our after-school club to impact 20,000+ girls per year nationwide.


Our Tribe:
We are made up of men and women who stand for girls and women and want to see them thrive. We are made up of financial supporters, sponsors, and committee members who help our organization grow to impact more girls to reach their greatest potential.
It takes a village, so join us!

“Over the past 2 years, I have met my best friend, done things I don’t often get a chance to do, started my
own photography business and have held a school program all inspired by Girls Rule. Getting that camp scholarship
and going to camp
changed my life and others around me. All of my success in the last 2 years is because of you.
I will carry this knowledge with me for the rest of my life.”
-Maddy (right)

 Our Movement:

“Empowered girls become empowered women who change the world”.

Our #girlschangetheworld movement is raising awareness about the skills that will help girls thrive, and we share messages and stories that help girls know their valuable place in the world as leaders and world-changers.

Learn About Our Movement Here.


Check out our media room to see interviews about our movement and programs! 


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