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Wings To Fly Summer Camp is for girls with big dreams.

This Camp helps girls build their dreams and build their leadership.

Camp was amazing because we got to meet so many new people and we learned about the 12 Pillars of Leadership. We participated in so many activities that I never thought I could do.

~Carly, Camper

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DreamLAB™ is an after school program where girls go to fuel their dreams, become leaders and change the world.

Your girls + our curriculum = life changing experience!
dreamLAB Club can be held after school with your group of girls.

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If we want strong girls who are ready to lead communities, healthy families, large businesses, small companies, and world problems we must equip them so they have those tools on their tool belt. We found that the root cause of our current, staggering girl statistics is a lack of resiliency training in the teen years. Girls need this training more than ever because they are coping with pressures and situations never seen before in history!

The empowerment of girls is a major factor required to achieve the social and economic success of the world at large. It is, therefore, necessary that we create a culture that teaches girls the leadership, financial literacy and confidence skillsets at a young age.  As a 501c3 we are working to increase these skills in teen girls nationwide. We know know that when girls are equipped with these skill sets they better navigate their teen years to become successful adults and leaders.

At Girls Rule Foundation we are on a mission to educate and empower girls ages 12-18 with confidence skills, financial literacy skills and leadership skills. It is not enough to HOPE that girls learn these skills. It’s not enough to HOPE girls will turn out as strong leaders. It’s not enough to HOPE that the negative girl statistics will “magically lower”. Currently, females learn these skills typically around the age of 32, instead of 12, and that is 20 years too late.

Our 4 Learning Objectives are to:


Increase leadership skills in girls so they can lead and navigate their current teen years successfully and become successful adults.


Increase social and emotional skills in girls to build healthy coping skills, so they can overcome hard things and challenges.


Increase financial literacy and money confidence in girls to help progress their goals and impact the world economy.


Increase high school and college graduation rates of girls to help them become our next generation of leaders.

Wings to Fly Camp

Past Camper Comments

So fun!

“Life-changing! This was a stepping stone for me and it helped me better understand who I am as a person and also made me realize that I had some pretty amazing qualities about myself.”



Camper 2019


“Wings Camp gave me the tools that I need to become a successful, young woman and the confidence I need to overcome anything. It helped me to be the best me.”



Camper 2017


“Camp was amazing because we got to meet so many new people and learn about the 12 leadership principles and we got to participate in so many activities that I never thought I could do.”



Camper 2019

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