2018 Committee & Board Opportunities

Join our movement! Girls Rule Foundation invites you to consider serving on our Board of Directors or a Committee. Details below.

Before applying for Committees or Board positions please read about:

  1.  Our Purpose
  2.  Our Values

Requirements  & Requests – PLEASE read thoroughly:

  • You are inspired by our mission and wish to help elevate the impact, resources and reach of Girls Rule Foundation.
  • You are committed to offering your time, energy, and expertise.
  • You enjoy collaboration and working with a team to accomplish the mission.
  • You are looking for an opportunity that offers emotional intelligence, transformation, empowerment, and leadership to girls.
  • You are self-motivated, lead an empowered life, and want to create the same opportunities for girls 12-18.
  • As a Committee Member, you are committed to donating a minimum of $100 Give/Get during your year.
  • As a Board Member, you are committed to donating a minimum of $1000 Give/Get during your year.



Girls Rule Foundation operates with one Board of Directors and four Committees. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference join us!


1. The Summer Camp Committee:  Mainly active December – July committee
Objective: Help plan and execute our eight-day leadership summer camp held June 2019 in Northern AZ

  • Help with the recruitment of camp coaches (Dec-Feb)
  • Assist philanthropy committee to secure twenty-five (25) $550 sponsors (one sponsor per camper)
  • Provide input on speakers and new camp activities for 2019 camp
  • Secure three (3) $5,000 corporate sponsors
  • Secure five (5) raffle baskets for our fundraising event at camp
  • Recruit five (5) volunteers – for the first day and last day at camp


2. The School Outreach Committee: year-long committee
Objective: Promote dreamLAB program to middle and high schools and secure a minimum of 75 nominees for the BBB Awards Reception on November 3, 2018.

  • Call local schools to share information on these two programs
  • Always looking for possible exposure to teachers, principles, and parents for these two programs
  • Help promote the award nominations to parents and teachers in AZ from August 21 – October 15, 2018
  • Identify raffle prizes for our raffle table at the Awards Event Nov 3 2018


3The Philanthropy Committee: year-long committee

Objective: Secure $104k to help grow our mission and move the movement nationally

  • Coordinate and host four (4) wine and cheese receptions at various host’s homes for individuals interested in getting involved with GRF
  • Identifying donors and sponsors who are a fit to support our programs and organization
  • Represent the organization in the community
  • Contribute fresh ideas for fundraising events and sponsors
  • Assist the 2019 Camp Committee to secure twenty-five (25) $550 sponsors (one sponsor per camper)


4. The Monthly Shine Brightly Summit Committee: year-long committee
Objective:  Plan and execute our monthly Shine Brightly Summit

  • Assist Volunteer Coordinator in finding five (5) volunteers per month
  • Help market the summit to the community and help invite moms/girls and organizations with girls
  • Secure one (1) $250 coffee/breakfast sponsor per month
  • Help identify corporate sponsors to become involved with the event
  • Provide suggestions for improvements, speakers, and ways to elevate the event



Board of Directors: Six (6) openings (as of July 2018) – Meetings 3rd Wednesday each month 11-1pm.

  • This is a governance and fundraising board that supports the mission and vision of Girls Rule Foundation.
  • All Board members have a $1000 Standard Give/Get Policy

    1. Vice President:
    • Accountable for reporting on the monthly mentor reports at each board meeting
    • Support and fill in for President when needed at meetings or at events
    • The Liason between the 4 Committee Directors and the Executive Board
    • This position transitions to become Board President after the President’s term is complete. Serves one year as President.
    • Requires a minimum of 2 years of Board Leadership and Fundraising experience

        2. Treasurer:

    • Accountable for tracking/reporting on all organizational income and expenses each month
    • Predict program needs and alignment with fundraising efforts
    • Report on monthly fundraising objectives and results
    • Requires a minimum of 3 years nonprofit treasurer/budget experience

         3.  Board of Director Positions four (4) openings: These four Board Positions would be in charge of one committee each. [The descriptions of these committees are above.]

  1. Chair of Summit committee
  2. Chair of Philanthropy committee
  3. Chair of Camp committee
  4. Chair of School Outreach commit

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