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Girls are ready to lead!
But they need crucial SEL skills and leadership tools to do so.
dreamLAB is where they learn them.


This is our leadership program that can be started anywhere in the world with your group of girls.
It is an After-School Club that meets weekly for 12 weeks.

As of October 30th, 2019 we will offer a Spanish version of the Leader Kit.

You can start a dreamLAB club in your school, organization, community, church, neighborhood, village or at home!

This club is girl-led and needs 5-20 girls to participate for the 12 weeks. All the curriculum you need is in the Leader Kit below.




The dreamLAB Leader Kit is all the curriculum you need to start your club!
The Kit includes:

  • The Leader Kit!  This is a 12-week leadership club. Once you buy the Leader Kit below you will receive the 12 content modules based on our 8 years of teaching our SEL programming and our 12 Leadership Principles (listed below). This is the first time we have ‘packaged’ our curriculum to be able to open clubs across the country. There is an easy-to-follow 90-minute agenda for each of the 12 meetings that is all you need, just bring your girls!  The leaders simply read the agenda and follow instructions each week. Girls are ready to lead, and this is the platform to do it! 
  • Support! You will have email and app support from Girls Rule Foundation for any questions! 
  • Videos! Quick, weekly videos that make a difference for your club that will help teach the weekly leadership principle and give them a weekly challenge. You need a device/computer for your club since all the curriculum is delivered online.
  • Community Service ideas! Each club completes a community service project at the end of the 12 weeks. The club votes on their project and completes it together.
  • Gifts! We will mail you 20 brilliant, beautiful and bold pink bracelets and 20 #girlschangetheworld bookmarks as a gift for your club members!

Six reasons girls love to be a part of a dreamLAB Club: 

  1. They learn important skills; leadership training, relationship building, communication development, SEL learning and goal planning that will prepare them to lead.
  2. They build their resume for leadership and community service.
  3. They love that it is a platform for their leadership, voice, and goals.
  4. They appreciate the tools, skills and help that they receive to achieve their dreams and goals.
  5. They create positive friendships and have fun each week together.
  6. They learn that they have the power to make the world a better place.
  7. They love being a part of creating a global community of female leaders!


How It Works: 
The Leader Kit is a ‘club in a box’ with all the structure and content “done for you” so that you can start anytime and anywhere. We have been teaching this content for 8 years in Arizona through our other 3 programs, and NOW we offer it exclusively through this Leader Kit. 

  • Purchase a dreamLAB Leader Kit for $269 below
  • You can have 5-20 girls per dreamLAB club. 
  • You will get immediate access to the Welcome Kit that will help you prep the club, which includes:
  • Identify the 2 girl leaders you need!
  • Set up your dates, times and a place for your meetings!
  • Go over the checklist of tasks to get ready for your first meeting!
  • You will then get digital access to the Leader Kit with your 12 agendas and videos for each meeting! You never have to worry about your meeting content or what to say.  The leaders simply read the agenda and follow instructions. Girls are ready to lead, and this is the platform to do it! 

A few rules of dreamLABs:

No drama. No Boys. No Gossip. No Phones. No Negativity.
It is a safe, fun place to connect, laugh, learn and grow together.


  • Our 12 Leadership Principles that the girls learn:
    1. Dream Big, Really Big! – Girls learn to identify goals and dreams to become women with vision.
    2. Make Positive Friendships! – Girls learn to build healthy relationships, community, and collaboration.
    3. Master a Greatness Mindset! – Girls learn to live and lead from their greatness mindset to overcome any challenge.
    4. Have Self-Acceptance! – Girls learn self-esteem skills so they can lift themselves to their highest potential.
    5. Practice Responsibility Daily! – Girls learn to be accountable for their own choices, communication, body, finances, & dreams.
    6. Set Goals for Your Dreams! – Girls learn how to get clarity in their goals and the milestones to achieve them.
    7. Lead by Your Actions! – Girls learn to lead every day and don’t wait for a title.
    8. Practice Self-Care! – Girls learn the 5 Superpowers to care for their mind, body, & spirit so they live with balance, and not burnout.
    9. Be Compassionate & Giving! – Girls learn the power of 1 and that they can be the change they want to see in the world.
    10. Plan Your Work! – Girls learn planning and how to plan their work and work their plan.
    11. Participate in Teamwork! – Girls learn to work in teams, ask for help & accomplish their role in the team.
    12. Complete Things, Don’t Quit! – Girls learn to trust themselves to finish, not to quit.

The Important Legalities:  

  • Each club needs only one dreamLAB Leader Kit purchase below for only $269.
  • The Kit/content is one license and is not to be shared please respect our Intellectual Property. If you want multiple Kits for your school/org we do give a discount.
  • It’s important that each club receives all 4 components: the mailed gifts, the kit/content, the app support, and the videos to get the full effect of the program.


Our dreamLAB Leader Kits:

1. Middle School Leader Kit in English – AVAILABLE NOW!
2. High School Leader Kit in English – Coming Soon!
3. Middle School Leader Kit in Spanish – Coming Soon!
4. High School Leader Kit in Spanish – Coming Soon!

Buy a Leader Kit below for only $269 here…