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bannerGirls with dreams become women with vision!

10 Reasons Girls Love Leading a dreamLAB:
  1. She is drawn to make the world a better place!
  2. She likes that it is a ‘platform’ for the girls’ leadership, dreams, and inspiration!
  3. She knows that girls with dreams become women with vision!
  4. She loves that it is about encouraging each others dreams!
  5. She likes gathering friends and having fun each week!
  6. She likes making a difference and being a positive influence!
  7. She has big dreams and wants to further her bright future!
  8. She loves things that are positive!
  9. She loves that this club is unique and not like any other club in school!
  10. She loves that it furthers her leadership skills for her life and bright future!


unnamedWhy did we create dreamLABS?
dreamLABS are about encouragement, leadership and friendship, and our goal is to help girls succeed in their dreams and bright futures. As a 501c3 dedicated to girls we have 4 other  leadership and empowerment programs (read about on our programs tab) based in Phoenix, Arizona, but dreamLABS is unique. It is our only program that is available nationwide and it is girl-led. Over the last 8 years we have found that girls are able and willing to step into leadership if they are equipped with; the right tools, direction and structure, and dreamLABS does exactly that.  We believe that our youth represent a valuable resource who can significantly contribute to the leadership of our families, our country, our communities, our economic state, our businesses and our world.
 unnamedWhat is dreamLAB?:
It’s a 12 week, peer-led after-school club for middle school and high school girls who have big dreams. Any girl can start a club or any any group of 5-12 girls can start a club. This is where the next generation of young women are learning our 12 lessons that further their dreams. We believe that girls with dreams become women with vision, and dreamLAB is helping girls make their dreams become reality. This is a leadership and friendship club with 5-12 girls per club. It teaches girls the 12 leadership lessons (1 per week) that will help them focus on their dreams and bright futures, while they are building face-to-face friendships and learn to be change agents through a community service project.
unnamedWhat are the meetings like?
Each dreamLAB Leader Kit is made for 12 weeks (you can start anytime) and each club is designed to meet weekly for 90 minutes at her school (or a home club for home schoolers). You choose your meeting time, day and place. Each meeting is fun, interactive and a great way for girls to make positive friendships. The content they receive is a combination of three things: an activity, a conversation and a leadership lesson for that week’s meeting.  All content helps them build leadership skills, design their future, goal setting, gain self confidence and work together. Each meeting has three elements:  “a dream circle” where the girls are masterminding/working on a short term and long term goal/dream together, “a weekly lab” which is the leadership lesson of the week and “open lab” where they are either working on their dream, working on the community project or have a speaker speak.



unnamedFAQ’s PARENTS NEED TO KNOWunnamed  

What happens after I buy a leader kit?

When you buy the Leader Kit you/she will receive the Welcome Packet immediately via email that you can print out. It will include four things for the leader to plan and prep to get her club set up. Two days after you purchase your dreamLAB you/she will receive the 12 weeks of content/lessons for each week’s meeting.  We suggest that your dreamLAB leader gives herself 2-3 weeks of prep time before her first club meeting so she isn’t rushed. Note: She will need to find an adult “sponsor” for the club – this can be a female parent, teacher or adult who is the supervising adult of the weekly meetings. We feel it’s important to keep the sponsor a female so that it creates a safe space for their girls to share and connect. Note: Through the Welcome Packet and the Leaders Kit we walk the girls step-by-step how to prepare the club and run the weekly meetings. We also ask for a shipping address because we mail the dreamLAB leader 12 of our Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold pink bracelets – one for each girl in her club.


What is the cost and what is included?

The introductory price to purchase a dreamLAB Leader Kit is $59 for 12 weeks of material, app and email support. You can start a club anytime. The leader chooses to have her club meetings at her school or in her neighborhood/home. Home schooled girls love opening a dreamLAB in their home and having other local friends join in. The Leader Kit includes all the materials and activities for the girls to use for her meetings, however we do encourage the leader to bring her own ‘sparkle’ and leadership style to her club. She is also encouraged to get a friend or two to help. It’s important to us that each leader makes her club ‘her own’ with her sparkle and energy.  We support dreamLAB leaders three ways: 1. a monthly leadership call where we are talking about one of our 12 leadership lessons and they can ask questions and share club ideas 2. they can always call or email us and 3. through our free APP.  It is perfect for the girl who loves being a leader and for the girls who want more leadership opportunities for her college/job resume.


Who runs the weekly meetings?

Each dreamLAB is girl-led by the young lady who has purchased the Leader Kit. She opens her club at her school (or at home for home schooled girls), she then selects 1-2 friends to help,  and together they run the club for 12 weeks including completing one community service project (humanitarian or STEM) at the end of the 12 weeks. We equip the leader with the materials, activities, conversations and guidance to run their club. There is an adult sponsor (parent or teacher) who attends the club (see below).


Are adults involved?

Each club is required to have an adult sponsor (mother, teacher or counselor) who is the ‘club sponsor’ and she attends all meetings.  This is a great opportunity for women who love supporting and helping young girls. You are there for legal and safety reasons and if they girls need your help. This is a platform for girls to lead so we encourage you to support the girls, but not take over the meetings. We also suggest to the leaders that the club members work together to find a local college age girl who serves as the ‘club mentor’ to the club for that semester (12 weeks) – we would like for that mentor to attend a couple of the club meetings. This allows the girls in the club to have access to a college girl to ask questions to. Note: There are ‘tips and suggestions’ for the club sponsor in the Leaders Kit.


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We believe in you!
The dreamLAB team


Spread the word! This is a national program with a vision of being a platform for thousands of girls who want to spread leadership, encouragement and friendship!