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We are on a quest to end the disempowerment of girls worldwide.


Empowered girls become empowered women who change the world.


When a girl is disempowered around her self-esteem, her money, her voice, her power, her leadership, or her worth, she is more likely to become a statistic, instead of a leader.  Every girl is at risk of becoming a statistic. Read our statistics page where data fuels our fire.


We want girls to become resilient, not a statistic. We want girls to lead and live from their greatest potential.


The Girls Change The World Movement (#girlschangetheworld) is a national and international crusade to empower girls. We use our newsletter, social media, speaking engagements, Tshirts and media interviews to spread the movement with 2 primary messages: the importance of teaching the SEL skill sets starting at the tween years, and sharing empowering messages and stories that will help girls know their valuable place in the world as leaders and world-changers. 


This is headed up by our cofounder Dena Patton and was founded on the belief that SEL work is crucial to our success, but yet not taught to girls.  These skills are taught to females around the age of 32 in our career years, not at age 12. That. Is. Too. Late. How would it have changed your life if you had those skills at age 12 or 15? Girls need these skills today more than ever because of the negative and disempowering pulls, temptations, distractions and media that they get through phones, the internet, media and social media.

We are a stand for girls to learn these crucial skills so they can achieve their dreams, become their greatest potential and know their highest worth.


At Girls Rule Foundation we started our movement to help raise awareness so that schools, organizations, girls and parents know the importance of these specific skills. You change a girls’ life when she goes from disempowered to empowered and non-equipped to equipped.


Want to join our movement? Here are some actions you can take:




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