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Girls Rule Foundation is a Arizona based 501c3 (#45-2923956) organization that is a leader in empowerment and leadership programs for girls ages 12-18.

Our programs empower girl in 3 areas:  self-esteem skills, leadership skills and financial/career skills.


It takes mission and money to reach thousands of girls!

Donate using the buttons below, or call us at 480-282-4242.

Thank you!

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Sponsor a girl!

Donate to The Laura Anderson Scholarship Fund
for girl’s who otherwise can’t afford it:


Sponsor 1 mom/girl to the Summit – $40

Sponsor 1 girl to summer camp – $550

Sponsor 1 girl for 1 yr of mentoring – $1000

Sponsor 1 club/20 girls of dreamLAB – $269


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Support The Dream Fund

Help us build the capacity needed to grow and reach more girls.

Donate any amount.


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The BBB Bracelet Sponsorship $250

Your gift covers 1,600 bracelets for girls who go through our programs.
Each girl gets one to wear and one to share.

Donate in amounts of $250.


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Support and build a program you love!

Pick one of our 5 programs to support

Donate Any Amount


Responsibility is how our organization spends our budget:
72% on programming
7% on admin & operations
19% on marketing & fundraising


We run on a budget of $210,000 per year. If you are considering donating and would
like to see our budget we are happy to share it with you. Please contact


A video to thank all of our donors and sponsors from our 2018 BBB Role Model Winners!



Girls Rule won 1st Place for the 2017-2018 $10,000 grant from the Phoenix Business Journal

Watch here…


Learn about our purpose here.
Learn about our programs here.
Learn how to get involved here.