Wings to Fly Summer Camp

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2018 Dates to be announced.

Located in Northern AZ 


“Camp meant to me everything summer should be: friends, fun, learning, adventure and excitement.
To me it mean that I could be the person I always wanted to be and do
the things I always wanted to do.” -Megan


Dear Girls,
This week-long Summer camp is designed for 25 girls who dream big and know they are leaders or want to be leaders. You know you were made to do great things and have big dreams, AND with the right tools, resources, education and mentorship you know that you can ROCK! You are a young woman who wants to have fun at camp, and at the same time wants an extraordinary experience that will help further you and your dreams! We hope you will join us!



The Girls Enjoy Fun Camp Activities:

  • Campfire and Stargazing
  • Ropes Course
  • Horseback Riding
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Journaling
  • Art ∙ Music ∙ Laughter
  • Zip Line
  • Jewelry Making
  • Canoeing

In addition, the girls will have extraordinary learning in the areas of;
Empowerment, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and STEM

  • 5 Building Blocks of Self Care and Self Confidence
  • Our 12 Leadership Principles
  • Entrepreneur skills, money management and building a business
  • 2 Fun STEM classes taught by extraordinary women

We believe in girls and we believe in their dreams, and we feel that girls are the next generation of leaders. This camp is built on the knowledge that when girls are inspired to love who they are, know their worth, and build the skill sets that create a healthy, bright future they become unstoppable in their pursuit of their best self and their dreams.

 Look at the 2017 camp pictures here!


“Wings camp gave me the tools that I need to become a successful, young woman and the confidence I need to overcome anything. It helped me to be the best me.” – Amber 


  • Dates: June 18-25, 2017
  • Only 25 girls are accepted – all applications must be in by March 31st
  • Location: The ORME School in Mayer, AZ – A fun, beautiful and inspiring ranch 90 minutes North of Phoenix
  • Drop off/Pick up: Parents drop off/pick up at camp. There is a parent briefing (approximately 60 minutes at drop off and pick up)
  • Our office: 480-282-4242 or
  • Produced by The Girls Rule Foundation 501c3 [45-2923956] est. in 2007
  • To Apply: click on “apply here today” at the button below
  • Download the camp flyer below
Orme dorms are comfortable and filled with light, desks and comfortable beds.

Camp fees:

  • Tuition: $499 per girl. SAVE $50 by bringing a friend – you both get $50 off when you come together!
  • Deposit: $100 due upon accepted application – full tuition/remaining balance is due on or before May 17 2017
  • Includes 7 nights lodging and 8 days with daily programming and activities.
  • Includes lodging includes linens and pillow on the bed; you may bring a sleeping bag if you like.
  • Includes 3 fresh, healthy and tasty meals are offered daily with 2 healthy snacks
  • Includes 2 parents session (at drop off and pick up) for parents to better understand the tools and skill sets that the girls will be learning
  • After you apply we will call you within 10 days to discuss your application
  • All accepted applicants will receive the pack list around April 15th to help you prepare
  • Only 25 girls are accepted. $100 Deposit due with accepted application. Apply below.

Our purpose is simple.

We help girls become the next generation of leaders.
We help girls build healthy, empowered, successful lives.
We help girls build a path for their dreams and education.
We help girls know that they are brilliant, beautiful & bold as they are.
We help girls ignite their greatness and know their worth.



Parent’s FAQ’s:  Parents, your questions can be answered in our FAQ document. CLICK HERE….FAQs button

All coaches are adults and are all certified coaches for this camp. These ladies are extraordinary leaders and successful women who are volunteers because their passion is to make a difference for girls.

Camper to Coach ratio: 3:1. – we create an exclusive, inclusive special environment where the girls truly build themselves and build each other. 

In addition, there are two lead facilitators; Kendall Merritt and Dena Patton who are facilitators and trainers who will be bringing their years of leadership and facilitation to camp to create an extraordinary experience for the girls.

Take a look at 2017 camp pictures here!

“Camp was a great experience that made me less shy and more open
then I was before. It was like a new start for me.” -Shelby

A Few Stats:
 We want girls to thrive and we want girls to change the world, not change diapers. We want girls to be become our next generation of leaders, however we must equip them with the right tools, skill sets, education and mentorship so they can stay on track to their big dreams. Here are 5 Statistics that tell us that girls are pulled and distracted by today’s society.

  1. Girls with financial intelligence are more likely to feel a sense of empowerment and success than girls with limited. There’s a direct correlation between how well a woman takes care of herself financially and how well she feels about herself.
  2. Only 19%of the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] workforce is female, but have huge rewards for females.
  3. 50% of 9-year old females and 80% of 10-11 year old females feel self conscience and are on some type of diet. A shocking 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat.
  4. One million teens ages 13-18 in the USA will become pregnant over the next twelve months.  More than half of them are 17 years old or younger when they have their first pregnancy. Almost half of all teen mothers end up on welfare.
  5. Girls feel distracted or derailed by today’s media, social media, pressure, and boys.
    This information was taken from the US Bureau of Census, surveys conducted by the Center for Women’s Business Research, and data compiled by National Women’s Business Council.


We believe in girls and we believe in their dreams, and we feel that girls are the next generation of leaders. This camp is built on the knowledge that when girls:  love who they are, know their worth, and learn the skill sets that create a healthy, bright future they become unstoppable in their pursuit of their best self and their dreams.


HAVE QUESTIONS? FIRST, take a look above at our Parent FAQ’s document. Most all questions can be answered there. If you have further questions call us at 480-282-4242

One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard is the sound of a beautiful strong woman’s voice once she has discovered her true worth.
– Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of EAT PRAY LOVE


“Life changing!” This was a stepping stone for me and it helped me better understand who I am as a person and also made me realize that I had some pretty amazing qualities about myself” -Carly



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“I want to say thank you to all the coaches! Thank you for changing my daughters perspective on herself, and how she interprets others. I can not stop reflecting on the impact and positivity that has infiltrated our home because of camp and all that we have learned. Looking forward to camp 2017!” – Nichole (mom of attendee)

“Camp was exactly what our family and our girl needed! Fantastic group of ladies coaching these girls. Can’t say enough good things about camp and the girls rule foundation.” – Joseph (Dad of attendee)

“It was the perfect camp for my daughter. The Parent orientation was a 10, the coaches gave us a lot of information about how the program works and how it will help my daughter.” –Reina (mom of attendee)


Produced by The Girls Rule Foundation
501c3 [45-2923956] est. in 2007 – read about our 4 programs here.