Just a few testimonials from girls…

  • I really liked how the camp coaches and the campers were all nice. We all respected each other and had each others back. It was a really comforting feeling to have. Haylee F, age 14
  • I liked the activities because the were fun and let us do exercise. I loved the food it was delicious and good for you. I liked how friendly all the girls were at camp, I’ll was able to make new friends. Diana H, age 14
  • I can be whatever I want and can do whatever I want to do. I am brilliant, beautiful, and bold. Lanae W, age 14
  • It helped me realize college is not a joke and I need to get it together now. Mariah, age 16
  • Don’t listen to other people. I am ME. Amida M, age 13
  • I will no longer feed the negative wolf. Your person is what you make it. It can be negative or positive. Other people will try to break you but it is up to you to stay strong. Arayah
  • The summit helped me picture my future to be able to achieve what I want. Disnny, age 17
  • Thank you so much for everything Girls Rule has done for us. My background has put my dreams on hold and being here today has opened my eyes and I know it is not too late for me. Rhiana, age 17.
  • The biggest lesson I learned is that I will not be afraid to be myself. It will impact my future by having me think positive about myself. Maddie, age 14
  • I learned that being more positive can really make an impact on how we feel and do. I will be able to accomplish the things I dream about and always empower myself. Maddie R, age 14
  • I can now declare that I am something, no one has the power to say otherwise. Alayzha, age 14
  • The biggest lesson I learned today was that attributes we see in people we admire, are seen in ourselves. We are actually much more and have so much potential than we think we do. Grace R, age 13



A few comments from moms and workshop hosts….

  • Camp was exactly what our family and our girl needed! Fantastic group of ladies coaching these girls. Can’t say enough good things about camp and the girls rule foundation. -Joseph A Milan
  • Wings to Fly Girls Rule Leadership was a great experiences for my daughter and my family. My daughter was able to learn so much from your incredible program. -Reina Vega
  • I just want to take a second and say thank you, there are no words to describe what this week did for my daughter and my whole family – we are so blessed to have found this camp and these amazing people. The coaches are priceless and so are the lessons learned. Thank you! – Jennie Szymanski Milan
  • I want to say thank you to all the coaches! Thank you for changing my daughters perspective on herself, and how she interprets others. I can not stop reflecting on the impact and positivity that has infiltrated our home because of camp and all that we have learned. Looking forward to camp 2017! – Nicole Nosecchi
  • I just wanted to share with you that the BBB workshop that we held yesterday was a big hit! A few of the girls asked when the next class like that would be. I was shocked because that has never happened before! They said they had fun, learned a lot, and cannot wait for the next class.” – Kelly Cavanaugh, Resource Coordinator, Town of Gila Bend
  • I learned to believe in myself and not accept limits – Penny L, age 48
  • We are so excited to be part of Luncheon experience – wonderful moments and we are loving each moment! Christianne A.
  • It reinforced that I need to communicate. Not react first but to listen. Adrienne K, age 41
  • The summit helped me recognize the importance of staying focused in conversations and listen to your child. It will help me interact more freely with my daughter. Denise S, age 44
  • I learned to trust my daughter, give her space and coach her to do/make the right decisions. Kathy M
  • I am encouraged to make a plan for attaining my dream goals. Kathy W, age 50
  • I will keep coaching and teaching my daughter to be strong, independent and loving. Tresha R, age 40
  • It reinforced what I am doing now and gave me tools to better communicate with my kids as well as healthy eating habits, finding balance and setting priorities. Kelly F, age 46
  • Reminding me that I can make an impact on not only my daughter but all the girls I come in contact with. Thank you for being visionaries and leading the way. Carrie, age 37

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