Our Purpose

GR Core Values2

We help girls become the next generation of leaders & world changers.
We help girls build healthy, empowered, successful lives.
We help girls build a path for their dreams and education.
We help girls ignite their greatness and know their worth.
We help girls know they are brilliant, beautiful & bold as they are.
Because we believe girls change the world.


Our Why:

Why does Girls Rule Foundation focus on developing, supporting and educating teen girls? Not just because Arizona is the 3rd worst state to be a girl, but because 7 core things that “pull on” EVERY teen girl:
1. Peer pressure
2. Media messages of perfection & beauty
3. Puberty and early puberty
4. Suicide and self harm is happening around them
5. Teen Pregnancy is happening around them
6. Drugs/drinking is happening around them
7. Cell phones and electronics addictions and dependency

Disempowered girls often become disempowered women and our commitment is that empowered girls become empowered women who contribute economically, intellectually, academically, emotionally in society, business, families and leadership.

We believe girls are brilliant, beautiful and bold just as they are, and we want them to thrive in school, in life, with their dreams and in their bright future. Self-esteem can not be medicated and we know that when girls are equipped with social, emotional, self-esteem and leadership skill sets that they can become our next generation of leaders and world changers.
Let’s equip our girls to succeed.

Our Program’s Impact:
We design and lead educational programs so girls have the greatest chances of success in their schooling, their careers and their lives. Girls Rule Foundation 501c3 impacts thousands of girls per year through our 5 empowerment and leadership programs and our national after-school club. Our curriculum teaches girls the foundation of success:  1. how to build a greatness mindset 2. how to build strong self-esteem  3. how to use our 12 leadership principles. We want girls to know their worth, know themselves, know their greatness and know their valuable place in the world as leaders and world changers.

Our Social Impact:
In addition to our programs we reach people electronically – through our newsletter, our social media, and our Spread Love, Not Hate Challenge. We reach approximately 10,000 people per month.
Our Tribe:
We are made up of men and women who stand for girls and want to see them thrive. We our made up of financial supporters, sponsors, volunteers, board members, and advocates who help our organization grow to reach more girls. It takes a village so join us

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Dena Patton – Cofounder &  CEO
Dena has a calling and a passion to make a difference for women and girls. For the past 16 years she has worked with women and girls helping them access their own power, voice, greatness and dreams.

In 1994 she followed her own dream to move from Phoenix to NYC at 22 with only $1500 in her pocket.  She opened her own business at age 24, but she soon experienced a minor stroke at age 27 from the the results of stress and being a workaholic. She quickly adopted self-care, boundaries and transformational self-development work, which was life changing! She also knew she wanted to sell her PR and marketing company. During the next 12 months she was recovering in speech therapy, and sold her business to a tech start up, and in that time she also found a deeper calling to work with women and girls. In 2001 her path led her to become a global speaker, best-winning author and coach for women leaders and entrepreneurs which she absolutely adores to this day. Her passion is to help women and girls know their worth, know themselves, know their greatness and know their valuable place in the world as leaders and world changers.  In 2002 she moved back to Phoenix then in 2007 with three friends she cofounded The Girls Rule Foundation’s and today we have five leadership and empowerment programs for girls ages 12-18. Philanthropy and ministry work has always been important to Dena and she believes it’s an important part of life. Girls Rule is where she dedicates her philanthropy time and wants to see the programs reach more girls in the coming years. She is also the author of, The Greatness Game, which $1 of each book gets donated to Girls Rule.

“Youth development is important especially now that our youth has access to so much media, and they have so many distractions which can pull them off focus from their bright future. Programs like ours help girls with the social, emotional and leadership skills they need to thrive as young women and become our next generation of leaders in whatever industry or role they pursue.”

Pictured: Dena (middle) with the Past Presidents of Women’s Council of Realtors Scottsdale a crucial supporter and sponsor of Girls Rule. As a grassroots, volunteer based organization we depend on our donors, volunteers and support – learn about the 6 ways you can help our mission and empower our reach to more girls by clicking here.




  • Our 5 empowerment & leadership programs[our 2018 goal is to work with 10,000 girls this year]
    Dream Big workshop – 2 hour workshop focuses on leadership, dreams & self-esteem
    Brilliant, Beautiful & bold Workshop – 75 minute workshop focuses on self-esteem and confidence
    dreamLAB Afterschool Club – 12 week after-school club focuses on dreams, leadership, empowerment & teamwork
    7 Day Summer Camp – Week long summer camp focuses on leadership, empowerment, entrepreneurship and STEM
    Monthly Mother Daughter Summit –  Mother/Daughter workshops designed specifically for teen girls and the moms (or women/guardian) who support them.


  • Our mission:
    Our mission is to teach teen girls positive skill sets that will influence healthy choice making, create strong self esteem and build bright futures.


  •  Our 12 Empowerment & Leadership Principles that we teach in our programs:
    1. Big Dreams – Girls with dreams become women with vision

    2. Positive Friendships – Girls thrive in community and collaboration
    3. Greatness – Girls who live and lead from their greatness change the world
    4. Acceptance – Girls are brilliant, beautiful and bold just as they are
    5. Responsibility- Girls are accountable for their choices, dreams and future
    6. Goal-setting- Girls get clarity in goals to achieve their bright futures.
    7. Leadership – Girls lead everyday, and don’t wait for a title.
    8. Self-Care – Girls learn the 5 Super powers to care for mind, body, spirit
    9. Giving/compassion – Girls learn that they can be the change they want to see in the world
    10. Planning – Girls plan their work and work their plan
    11. Teamwork – Girls are clear in their roles and learn to work together
    12. Completion- Girls learn to finish, not quit.


  • Our Vision: 
    Our vision is to help create a generation of girls who dream big and know they have the skills and confidence to make their bright futures happen.


  • Our mantra:

    I believe in my dreams.
    I believe in myself.
    I am brilliant, beautiful and bold just as I am!


  • Our Core Values

GR Core Values2


We believe in girls & we believe in their dreams.
Because girls change the world.


Read about our programs here.