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What is a dreamLAB?

dreamLAB is an inspirational after-school club designed just for young women ages 12 to 18. Anyone can start a dreamLAB Club for your group of girls! The dreamLAB Club gives your girls the tools to build healthy, empowered and successful lives.

Each club must have a female adult, we call her the club sponsor and she can be a female community member, teacher or parent! Is that you? The sponsor’s job is to help when needed and provide a safe environment for the girls to run the club. The meetings themselves are girl-led with the help of our leader kit. You need one Leader Kit per club it has all the materials. Why this club is so different is it is a platform for the girls leadership since it’s girl-led.

During the meetings the girls will learn and explore our 12 leadership principles that will help; design their dreams, build their leadership skills, empower their greatness and create positive friendship.

The club meets 12 times and is flexible to start and end at your choice of timing.

Each club needs one dreamLAB Leader Kit and it has everything you need to run your club.

dreamLAB members become empowered change agents in their community.

Watch the video at the bottom of this page for more.

Want to share this info? Share this page’s url with your organization or school: http://girlsrulefoundation.org/our-programs/dreamlabs/sponsor-a-club/

How it works – Support and encourage the next generation of leaders & world changers!  

A teacher, a girl or an organization buys a leader kit to start their club.

Each club has a group of 5-12 girls ages 12 to 18. dreamLABS are girl-led so one girl is the leader, often with 1-2 co-leaders to help.

The curriculum is designed so that you will have 12 meetings  90-minutes each (you can pick the start & end dates as you wish) + a community project at the end.

The welcome email and the leader kit will help the leader prep her club and get her ready to host the meetings. That is the very first email that is sent once you buy a Leader Kit. All materials are emailed to you.

Follow your dreamLAB leader kit to guide your group through their 12 meetings which consist of: 3 core elements at each meeting:

A Dream Circle (30 min) – A fun way to work on dreams
A Weekly Lab (20 min) – Each week you’ll explore one of the 12 leadership principles
An Open Lab (20 min) – Girls work on either: developing their dream, planning their community project or engaging with a guest speaker.

dreamLAB steps

Ready to start a club?

Order a $59 dreamLAB Leader Kit Here!

  • 12 content/lessons for each meeting
  • email and app support from Girls Rule Foundation
  • All the materials and activities for you to use during your meetings
  • Suggestions for your community service project that will help spark ideas.
  • 12 brilliant, beautiful and bold pink bracelets are mailed to the person who buys the Leader Kit

Prep Time
In the Leader Kit we help the leader and sponsor prepare the club, for example:

  • If you are going to be the club sponsor do you have a girl or two in mind to be the dreamLAB leader?
  • In the Leader Kit we add tools, graphics & ideas that you and the leader can use to invite other girls to the club
  • Ideas on how to set dates, times & place for your meetings
  • If you already have the girls for your club (you have a team/club/class/organization) then you simply need a Leader and coleader who will take on the Leader Kit and run!

Go Time

Girls are encouraged to customize their club. No dreamLAB looks alike! We want the leaders to add their own unique personality and sparkle. They set the tone for the club.

Take advantage of support: Email and app support are accessible at any time to ask questions and share ideas. That information is in the Leader Kit.

10 reasons girls love dreamLAB:

  1. She is drawn to make the world a better place
  2. She loves that it is a platform for the girls’ leadership, dreams, and inspiration
  3. She knows that girls with dreams become women with vision
  4. She loves that it is about encouraging each others dreams
  5. She likes gathering friends and having fun each week
  6. She likes making a difference and being a positive influence
  7. She has big dreams and wants to further her bright future
  8. She loves things that are positive
  9. She loves that this club is unique and not like any other club in school!
  10. She loves that it furthers her leadership skills for her life and bright future

Support and encourage the next generation of leaders and world changers!

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