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Girls Rule Foundation is a leader in empowerment and leadership programs for girls ages 12-18. Our Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Workshop is our Signature 60 minute free Workshop that is designed to empower and educate girls in building strong self-esteem.  It teaches girls tools to build and maintain their strong self-esteem, which is the foundation of how we make choices, form our dreams, build healthy relationships, shape our careers and take care of ourselves. When self-esteem is low,  poor choices often occur. Low self-esteem is accredited for many poor choices like bullying, self-harm, eating disorders, dropping out, giving up on dreams and suicide. We believe that every girl is at risk for moments (or years) of low self-esteem, and we want to equip them with tools that will make a difference. We started the Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold movement years ago because we believe in girls and we believe in their dreams. 


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 “A few of the girls asked when the next BBB class like that would be ….they said they had fun, learned a lot, and cannot wait for the next class.”
– Kelly Cavanaugh, Resource Coordinator, Town of Gila Bend


What is Included in the workshop?
This is a mobile workshop, which means we come to you. We always bring our ‘wear and share’ Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold bracelets for each attendee to remind them that they are brilliant, beautiful and bold just as they are.  One of our certified workshop leaders will teach the 60 minute empowerment workshop.  This workshop focuses on teaching girls 5 important tools to build self-esteem and confidence to help them create a strong foundation to fulfilling their dreams and bright future.
There are 3 modules to the workshop:
1. What self-esteem is and why it’s needed to build a healthy life and fulfill dreams.
2. How to help build their self-esteem even in moments of disappointment and they learn about tools to build their greatness​/positive mindset​ so they don’t get tangled in smallness/fear.
3. The ​5 ​Daily Practices of Empowerment so that they have the tools to accomplish anything they want.


Workshop Requirements:
  • Your group needs to have a minimum of 10 girls ages 12-18.
  • We book workshops Monday-Saturdays
  • There is no charge for this workshop it is supported by donations and grants
  • If interested, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you. 

Our purpose is simple.
We help girls become the next generation of leaders.
We help girls build healthy, empowered, successful lives.
We help girls build a path for their dreams and education.
We help girls know that they are brilliant, beautiful & bold as they are.
We help girls ignite their greatness and know their worth.

Girls with dream become women with vision!


INTRODUCING: A Monthly Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Workshop in Phoenix!
Free & open the public 3rd Saturday of each month.
Individuals welcome, no group needed!
More information, click HERE

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These programs are free to local groups, nonprofits and schools by the support of donations.
Join the Brilliant Beautiful & Bold Movement $10 a month

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