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Girls Rule Foundation Leadership

Dena Patton, CEO & Cofounder
Girls Rule office:
(480) 282-4242

2018 Board of Directors 

Ann Lyons,

Julie Trujillo,

Karianne Munstedt
Karianne Munstedt,
 2018 President

Kelly Lorenzen, Marketing Director

Lauri Sliva
Laurie Sliva,
  Vice President


 Advisory Board

Dr. Ali Arnold, Speaker, Author and Founder www.docaliarnold.com
Dr. Ali Arnold, Speaker, Author and Founder www.docaliarnold.com

Clarissa Burt
Clarissa Burt, CEO & Supermodel, www.clarissaburt.com

Diane Aiello
Diane Aiello,  Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Editor, CEO www.dianeaiello.com

Lori Ann Robinson, Founder LAR Consultants, Image and Fashion Consultant, www.lar consultants.com

Gelie Akhenblit
Gelie Akhenblit , Founder and CEO, www.Networking Phoenix.com

Dr. Karen Jacobson
Dr. Karen Jacobson, Health & Wellness Expert, Author and CEO www.drkarenjacobson.com

Robyn Mckay
Dr. Robyn McKay PhD, Founder of SHEology, robynmckay.com


CEO & Cofounder
Pictured: (l-r) Dena Patton, Laura Anderson, Stephanie Millner and Jenn Kaye

About the founders:
The four founders originally met in 2003 when their mutual interests to empower girl’s leadership skills found them involved at another Arizona-based girl’s charity.  In 2008 they took their inspiration, experience and determination to create The Girls Rule Foundation that focuses on empowerment and leadership for girls. The founders were in the training and development industry, and was inspired to adapt one of Dena’s women’s programs into a girls version which became their first program; The Dream Big workshop. They went on to create the Annual Mother Daughter Summit to help girls build a bright future. Laura Anderson passed away in 2009 and in her honor we created The Laura Anderson Scholarship Fund in her name which scholarships 50 girls to our annual Shine Brightly conference and scholarships 4 girls to our summer camp.


After Laura passed away the three founders continued building Girls Rule and defining it’s programs. In 2013 Dena Patton continued the mission and took on leadership as it’s CEO and grew the 3 additional programs; The Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Workshop, Wings to Fly a 7 Day leadership summer camp and the 12 week after school club called dreamLAB. Girls Rule is a grass roots movement with a mighty mission to help girls become our next generation of leaders and world changers.  Read about our programs here.

A few words from our founders:

Laura Anderson (deceased) – As a high school student I was blessed with so many amazing opportunities and mentors and I saw a shift in focus and resources going to disciplinary programs instead of leadership and self-development. This was just not “ok” with me and I made a commitment to create experiences that would give teens a strong belief in themselves and their ability to fulfill their dreams. The Girls Rule! Foundation is a fulfillment of my dream and I hope it gives young women the knowingness and skills to experience their unique power and grace.

Dena Patton – The teen years are challenging for any teen, but with the right people and the right tools she can overcome anything and she has the power to create a bright future.  This organization represents what I think most teens want: to better know herself, to know her worth, know her power, know her valuable place in the world, and to learn the skills to pursue her dreams. I truly want each girl to know she is brilliant, beautiful and bold just how she is! I love working with teen girls and my hope is that the Girls Rule Foundation helps girls to become the next generation of leaders, strong women, inventors, teachers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and world changers.

Stephanie Millner – The Foundation to me is a stepping stone in the journey of life. I believe a dream is reality that hasn’t yet met the right tools. My hope for the Foundation is to provide the right tools for girls to love themselves, enjoy life and live their dreams. As a teen,  I was fortunate enough to have mentors that encouraged me. I want to offer this same support so that any young woman willing to believe in themselves will have the same opportunities for self-discovery and achievement as I was given.

Jenn Kaye – Being a self-confident, powerful person in the world means knowing what you want and having the confidence in yourself to go after it. In addition to inspiring young women to be leaders of their own lives, the Foundation is important because it will provide practical experiences that they can apply immediately. Building a strong community of mentors, teen leaders and experts with real-world knowledge is a foundation that I am passionate about and believe will benefit young women for the rest of their lives.