Corporate Sponsorship

Why become a corporate sponsor?
 Because our mission matters and girls matter. You 
love supporting, empowering and educating girls. 

 Showcase community involvement around the values of education, self-esteem or leadership.
 Drive traffic to your brand: Offer promotions, incentives and coupons to girls and moms.
 Outshine your competition: Smart positioning. Compliment and supplement your current outreach.
 Connect with your target market/s: girls and women.
 Be a champion for girls having a bright future, believing in herself, going to college and pursuing her dreams

Below there are 3 Ways to Get Your Company Involved as a Sponsor:


1st Saturday of each month in Phoenix 9am-12pm

$250 Coffee Sponsor per event   

      • 2 tickets to that chosen Summit
      • 30 second commercial at the event
      • Your information is on the coffee table at each Summit you choose Feb 2018-Feb 2019
      • With this donation, your business name will be added to our ‘friends of Girls Rule’ page here

Email to secure your spot

For every donation of $250 your company would be buying 1500 brilliant, beautiful and bold bracelets that we give to girls ages 12-18. These bracelets are daily reminders for the girls to remember that they are brilliant, beautiful and bold just as they are. They are an important component to our workshops, and they are ‘wear & share’ bracelets which means each girl gets 2 bracelets so she keeps one, and share one with a friend or stranger she wants to lift and empower.  With this donation, your business name will be added to our ‘friends of Girls Rule’ page here. We need 6 of these sponsors per year – pay in increments of $250 here:
Email to secure your spot
If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor of the organization or summer camp please call Dena at 480-282-4242 or


We believe in girls. We believe in their dreams.
Girls Rule! is an Arizona based 501c3 nonprofit that creates life-changing programs for girls to help them build bright futures!

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Believe in yourself. Dream big. Finish school. Build a bright future.
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